20 Ways to Prevent Male Pattern Baldness

20 Ways to Prevent Male Pattern Baldness

20 Ways to Prevent Male Pattern Baldness


Male pattern baldness and general hair loss in one of the most widespread medical problems that people around the world experience. Now, loosing hair is a natural and normal process that everyone experiences so don’t stress if you see some loose hairs in the sink or on your comb. Baldness on the other hand, although often genetic is something we can work to prevent and the 20 tips below will help you do that.

Male pattern baldness can be a big stressor for some men especially those in who are still in their 30’s. The patches of bald hair or receding hairline can make one feel less young and attractive, drastically lowering confidence and self-esteem. Many people turn to a Michigan hair transplant clinic to solve their answer but some preventative techniques can be used to prevent that.

Hair loss can be caused by many different things from genetics and hormones, to age and diet. Either way the 20 tips below will help keep you scalp healthy and reduce your chances


Regularly shampoo your hair

Regularly shampooing your hair is an essential part of preventing hair loss. By shampooing your hair regularly, you ensure your scalp never becomes infected and your hair is never riddled with dandruff. These things can break down hair follicles and lead to hair loss in the future.


Vitamins and Biotin

Not only are vitamins important to your overall health but they greatly improve your scalp and hair health. Vitamin E for example improves blood flow allowing more nutrients to get to the roots of your hair follicles. Vitamin E as well as biotin, a vitamin found in fish oils, can improve scalp moisture by improving sebum production and driving more oils to the surface of the scalp. Biotin especially has been noted to increase hair growth.


Scalp Massages

Scalp massages both stimulate hair growth and repair as well leave you feeling relaxed and comfortable. Messaging the scalp with warm oils or even essential oils can help significantly to stimulate the nerves promote healthy hair growth over time. You can do this as many times as you would like as it cannot hinder growth in any way and can be performed by a Michigan hair restoration specialist or by yourself.


Avoid over brushing

Excessively brushing your hair can put excess tension on your hair follicles and eventually lead to hair loss. If your hair is tangled, use your fingers to gently untangle it, rather than forcefully with a brush or comb. You should also avoid combing your hair when it is wet as the hair strands are particularly fragile in this state. This advice was provided by a Michigan hair transplant specialist who claim that combing when wet and over brushing will eventually lead to a balding scalp after years of doing so.


Onion juice, garlic juice or ginger juice 

You might be asking what these random juices are doing in this article but in fact these juices have shown to work wonders on the scalp. Many people swear that by rubbing these juices into their scalps once a week they have seen miraculous results.


Eat tons of protein 

Eating foods rich with protein such as fish, meat, chicken or nuts can significantly improve your hair health by allowing the follicles to more easily repair themselves.


Keep yourself hydrated 

Water is very important for your health and even more so your hairs health. 25% of your hair follicles composition is water and without this essential factor your hair will never grow to its fullest potential.


Green tea hair massage 

Just like the juice tip, green tea has also been shown to work wonders on hair. Just as you ought to do with the juice you can do with green tea. Boil up a pot of strong green tea, let it cool down, then rub it into your scalp. After about hour you should thoroughly rinse out your scalp to ensure its not left with any residues of green tea.


Stay educated

If you want to ensure that you live as long as possible before experiencing male pattern baldness, a receding hairline, or any other form of hair loss you need to stay educated on the do’s and don’ts of hair health. don’t aggressively rub your hair dry with a towel after the shower for example. You can stay educated on the topic by reading online or visiting a Michigan hair restoration clinic and discussing it with a specialist.


Quit Smoking

Just like drinking, smoking cigarettes negatively effects your health and your hair is no exception. By smoking, you decrease blood flow to your scalp and in turn your hair follicles receive less nutrients.


Stay active

If you want to ensure healthy hair, we recommend making time every day for a little bit of physical activity. Something as small as a 30 min walk or an hour bike ride can significantly improve blood flow, hormone functioning, and nutrient distribution. All of which play a major factor in hair health.


Manage your stress

Many of the best Michigan hair transplant surgeons claim that the number one reason why people end up getting a hair transplant to repair their balding hair is stress. Stress from work and life can significantly affect hormones and negatively impact your hair and overall health. Going to the gym, participating in yoga, and meditation are just some methods we recommend you explore to help manage stress.


Avoid heat & dryness

try to avoid exposing your hair to excessive heat and dryness as much as possible. Dryness and hot temperatures break down hair follicles and can lead to hair loss. Avoid overusing blow-dryers and straighteners as they can lead to hair damage via heat.


Reduce Alcoholic Beverages 

If you are a heavy drinker that is experiencing hair loss of any type than your drinking habit should most definitely be considered as a possible cause of your suffering. Alcohol is damaging to the human body and our hair is no exception.


Keep your scalp free of sweat

Men who tend to have oily hair may find their scalp excessively gunky after a workout due to the sweat that build up beneath the hair. It’s important that at you wash your hair out when it begins to get sweaty if you want to keep your scalp healthy. Excess sweat can clog the pores of your hair and prevent our hair from “breathing”.

In addition, men who wear helmets in the hot weather while biking or motorcycles may also experience this phenomenon. In both cases, a strict shampoo regimen is important for your hair health.


Keep your hair loose

If your hair is constantly under pressure from the pull or tug of a ponytail, braid, man-bun, etc. your hair is suffering. These hair styles can put excess pressure on hair follicles and will eventually lead to an increased risk of hair loss. Keep your hair open and loose if you want to keep your hair in pristine health.


Avoid certain medications

Certain prescription and over-the-counter drugs may be affecting your hair or scalp health. When being prescribed medications or choosing medications at a drug store we encourage you to ask your Michigan hair transplant specialist or pharmacist accordingly if a drug will affect your hair health in any way.


Avoid harmful chemicals 

Harsh chemicals found in certain hair products and color treatments can be severely damaging to the roots of your hair. If you are suffering from hair loss we advise that you avoid excessive hair product usage and any color treatments.


Keep up with your doctor appointments

Hair loss does not have a specific cause. Your hair health is related to the health of your entire body and therefore your overall health should be monitored constantly. Visit your doctor annually to ensure all health problems are taken care of quickly and make sure to be honest with your physician.


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