All the types of breast implants explained

All the types of breast implants explained

Breast augmentation surgery is undoubtedly one of the top plastic surgeries in the state of Michigan in terms of popularity. One of the most important aspects of this surgery is the choice of implant, which should be made with the advice of a plastic surgeon, who will recommend the type, size, and shape most suitable for your anatomy.

Breast implants in Michigan are composed of a silicone wrap and a filling. The filling of the breast Implant can be of two types, according to its composition:

Saline Implants: Saline implants are composed of sterile water and salt that is used as a filler in the breast implant. This type of implant has the disadvantage that they deflate over time, increasing the possibility of complications such as undulations and bends, and the consequent risk of rupture of the implant cover. In case of breakage, the salt water that forms the filling is absorbed by the body without any risk, although obviously the volume loss will be noticed gradually. On the other hand, they are tougher to the touch, giving it a less natural look. Saline implants were popular in the past, but as silicone implants increased in innovation, they have also increased in popularity, making silicone implants nearly obsolete. Another procedure gaining popularity in Michigan is breast reduction mammoplasty.

The shell of the breast implant is made with a type of elastic silicone in order to reduce the risk of breakage. The surface of a silicone implant can be either smooth or textured.

Silicone Implants: This type of breast implant is the most used and recommended. The silicone gel used is of high cohesiveness, therefore, in case of a rupture in the cover of the implant, the filling is not leaked since the cohesiveness of the gel causes it to remain inside. If the Implant is broken you will not notice a decrease in the volume of the breasts, so it is advisable to have an MRI periodically to detect breaks. In addition, the gel facilitates a much more natural appearance, both in sight and touch.

Smooth: In these implants, the incision to insert the Implant is smaller than with a textured implant. In addition, in case of infection, it is more difficult for bacteria to nest in the covers since they do not have wrinkled folds, so antibiotic treatment is very effective. These implants are less likely to produce seromas in the future, the accumulation of liquid fat after surgery, a benign but annoying complication during the postoperative period.

Textured: Breast implant with a textured surface reduces the risk of encapsulation. This is a rare but documented complication where a capsular contracture occurs around the breast implant, whose consequences are pain of moderate intensity, breast sensitivity, as well as hardening, wrinkles, deformations, and displacement of the breasts. The roughness of the breast Implant prevents the formation of fibrous tissue that causes encapsulation. In addition, this rough surface allows it to adhere better to the tissues, decreasing the possibility of displacement.

Regarding the shape of a breast implant, we find different options as well, customized based on the preference and anatomy of each patient.

Round breast implants: As the name implies, these implants have a rounded shape to them. In Europe, they are the most used implants, although they are currently moving towards the use of teardrop implants. 

Teardrop breast implants: This type of implant has an oval, tear-shaped form. They are usually composed of very cohesive silicone gel to preserve their shape and may often be referred to as gummy bear implants in Michigan. Although the price of these breast implants is higher than others, they are the most popular in 2019, as the result is surprisingly natural. They are especially popular in women who are thin and have very small breast as they do not have an unnatural “pop” to them.

What type of breast Implant should I choose?

What type of breast Implant should I choose?

The type of implant should be chosen based on the anatomy and wishes of each patient. It is important that you follow the advice of an image consultant and your plastic surgeon to make the best decision during your breast augmentation in Detroit, MI.

As far as breast implant brands, some of the top manufacturers of breast implants are Mentor®, Allergan®, Arion®, and Eurosilcone®.

It is important to bear in mind that no breast implant lasts for a lifetime. The duration of the breast Implant depends not only on the quality of the Implant, but also on other factors such as the reaction of the body itself, which can cause encapsulation or ruptures in the implant cover over time. Mammary prostheses usually have a lifetime replacement guarantee in case of rupture, early capsular contractures or rejection. When breast implants are removed, augmentation using fat grafts can be utilized to keep the breasts in a youthful appearance.

It is recommended that once the breast augmentation surgery is performed, a specialist in Michigan plastic surgery carries out a postoperative follow-up to avoid complications, as well as to periodic reviews to keep on top of the status of the breast implant.

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