Does Age Matter For a Hair Transplant

Does Age Matter For a Hair Transplant

Hair loss and other alopecia related problems affect over 50% of men and 25% of women in US at some time in their lives. According to a study conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology, in America one in three men suffers from hair loss or male pattern baldness. It is important to remember that the appearance of alopecia is due more and more to environmental causes such as diet and harmful chemical exposure, therefore the number of women suffering from hair loss increases day by day. In this article we will dive deep in to hair loss and answer the commonly asked question; does age matter for hair transplantation?

Hair Loss Can Be Depressing

The fall of hair can mean only the passage of time for some but for others it can affect their psychological status, both in self-esteem and in the way of relating to others. For someone who has boasted a full head of hair throughout their entire young life, their hair is both a style element and form of self expression. Loosing your hair can make you feel like a part of you is missing, a part of your personality and character. 

Hair Transplants Can Help

The most avant-garde medical and scientific advances in the cosmetic surgery field currently offer very effective solutions that are available to everyone. Michigan hair transplant surgeons nowadays, are equipped with hair restoration techniques that make previous methods look like stone age surgery.  Thus, the benefits and advantages of newer methods such as Follicular Unit Extraction compared to other treatments are undeniable. In the bullet point below we summarize the main points you should know about hair transplantation before going in for a consultation.

  • The hair used for transplants is hair obtained from the same patient, so that rejections do not occur.
  • Hair is taken from a ‘donor area’ which tends to be the back and sides of the scalp, as hair their is very resistant to balding.
  • The procedure is done in a single session on a single day. The intervention lasts an average of four to eight hours depending on the amount of hair transplanted and in that time the surgeon will implant up to 5000 hair follicles.
  • It is a painless treatment practiced under local anesthesia.
  • The results of the hair transplant can be witnessed by the patient immediately.
  • Between the fourth and sixth month, the grafted hair begins to grow continuously.
  • There is no difference between the grafted hair and others. They will not require different treatment because it is the same hair of the patient that is only relocated to another part of the scalp.
  • There will be no visible or detectable marks or scars your head, assuming your surgeon employees the latest techniques. To ensure this result we recommend you contact SurgonGate today and let us connect you with a leading Michigan hair transplant surgeon that uses the most advanced methods available.
  • The graft, micrograft, transplant or capillary implant is a completely safe surgical practice, proven and effectively endorsed in thousands of patients around the world.
  • There are no long term side effects of FUE on the donor Site.

It is important to bear in mind that not all patients are candidates for a hair transplant procedure. In order to find out if you qualify you will need to contact SurgeonGate and set up a consultation with an experienced hair transplant specialist in your city.

The success of a hair transplantation depends on multiple factors:

  • The condition of the balding area
  • The number of hair follicles present in each follicular unit of the candidates scalp
  • The sex, race or ethnicity to which the candidate belongs
  • The hair tone and caliber


In addition to these, there are two factors that are decisive when successfully addressing a hair transplant or capillary micrograft intervention:

  • The health of the patient
  • The existence of a donor zone, dense, with healthy and quality hair

Does Age Matter For Hair Transplantation?

Keeping in mind that a hair transplant has an aesthetic character, any time is good and any age is adequate. With more medically necessary procedures, age can be very critical risk factor.

However, although it is feasible to perform hair transplants at any age, due to certain factors, most Michigan hair transplant experts prefer to perform on people between 30 and 60 years of age. This time period is ideal as by your 30’s, any predispositions you may have to balding or hair loss should have surfaced and your scalp pattern is often set.

We must bear in mind that a hair transplant in patients under 30 years may achieve a full head of hair in the short term but may not be permanent if the hair that was already counted before the intervention is affected by the hormone DHT. If this case occurs, an adequate redistribution of the hair will not be achieved due to the fact that the alopecia progresses without following a constant pattern.

Hair Transplants Under 30

In patients younger than 30 years of age, expectations about the outcome of an aesthetic treatment may tend to idealize and not be very realistic. The most likely consequence, in this case, is that a second hair transplant treatment should be performed years later with more established hair loss. However, Michigan hair transplant patients whom before the age of 25 have already lost most of their hair, should not have an issue getting a hair transplant. The further you are into your hair loss the more effective the procedure will be.

Several theories exist that relate early alopecia with an unhealthy lifestyle. Sedentary life, diminished activity outdoors, stress, processed foods, radiation, computers, electromagnetic waves, among other factors could be affecting and motivating more and more people to suffer hair loss from an early age.

If you are under the age of 30 and are experiencing hair loss it may be genetic. Look around at your family members and see if they are balding. More importantly, find out how their hair looked when they were your age. On the other hand, if nobody in your family has had a similar experience you are most likely experiencing hair loss due to lifestyle factors. 

Lifestyle Tips For Preventing Hair Loss

Some of the most important tips to prevent hair loss include excessing daily and eating healthy. Exercise will ensure that both your blood is flowing properly and your hair follicles are getting enough nutrients. Eating a healthy diet will ensure that your body is getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs for hair growth.  



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