Dr. Serdar Caglayan

Dr. Serdar Caglayan

Dr. Serdar Caglayan is an internationally recognized hair surgeon with 26 years of experience in FUE hair restoration. Dr. Caglayan has published over 25 studies on follicular unit extraction and has a passion for helping patients feel younger and more confident in their bodies. 

Dr. Serdar Caglayan has performed over 3,500 hair transplants at his clinics in Turkey, Germany, Netherlands and the United States and is experienced with men and women of all hair types.

Dr. Caglayan currently resides with his family in Southeast Michigan where he works with SurgeonGate and continues to perform hundreds of hair transplants every single year. 

Dr. Caglayan is also recognized for performing beard transplants, eyebrow transplants, and eyelash transplants using folicular unit extraction. He continues to travel the world, educating other surgeons on the art of FUE hair restoration and making contributions to the field of Dermatology. 

To have your hair restored by Dr. Serdar Caglayan in Michigan, contact SurgeonGate at (855)-248-2220 or request a consultation and one of our specialists will contact you shortly!

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