Modern Technology

Surgical technologies are evolving faster than the eye can see, and at Surgeon Gate we keep a watchful eye on innovations and technology in the surgical space. Many surgeries performed drastically different than they were 20, 10, and sometimes even 5 years ago. When finding a clinic to perform your surgery or procedure it is critical that your surgeon is up to date on surgical techniques and is utilizing the most advanced technology available.

When undergoing something such as a Hair Transplant it is essential that your surgery be performed by a Michigan hair transplant surgeon that is up to date with multi follicular transplantation and such, as many surgeons still perform the classic strip harvesting which has been proven to be inferior in look and feel.

When you let SurgeonGate connect you with a qualified surgeon in your city, you can rest assured that we have performed thorough research to ensure that your surgeon is up to date with the market and will be utilizing the most cutting edge technology in your procedure.