Guide To Safely Getting A Brazilian Butt Lift In Michigan

Guide To Safely Getting A Brazilian Butt Lift In Michigan

Getting a Brazilian butt lift is not something you should do on impulse. Nor is it something you should ask any friendly doctor or surgeon to perform. The Brazilian butt lift is an extremely delicate procedure and you might be surprised to know that it has the highest death rate of any cosmetic surgery.

Now, before your dreams of getting a BBL become nightmares, you should know that thousands of people have had the procedure done and are not only healthy but very happy with their results. In this guide, we want to clear up why the treatment is dangerous and how you can safely get a Brazilian butt lift in Michigan, so you too can enjoy the body contouring benefits of this cutting edge procedure.

An overview of Brazilian butt lift surgery

The Brazilian butt lift was not so surprisingly invented in Brazil. Many doctors experimented with transferring fat to the buttocks, but the procedure originates from the work of Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, a Brazilian plastic surgeon who unfortunately passed away in 2016.

A Brazilian butt lift begins with liposuction to remove fat and contour the body. During traditional liposuction, the fat is disposed of. During a Brazilian butt lift, the fat is purified, processed, and then reinserted into the buttocks, all in a single 2-3 hour procedure. Fat is typically removed from the abdomen and lower back in order to slim the waist and complement the effects of the buttock augmentation.

How are people dying from Brazilian butt lifts?

The danger occurs during the reinsertion of fat tissue to the buttocks. When a surgeon reinserts fat into the buttocks their goal is to graft the fat between other fat cells. When this is done properly, it is safe and the results are usually very satisfying.

In the majority of fatalities, what occurred was something else. A minuscule amount of fat tissue was mistakenly injected into a blood vessel. The fat, which is now flowing through the bloodstream, eventually reaches a tight vessel in the heart or lungs where it gets stuck causing what is known as a fat embolism. The fat embolism can occur several months after the procedure takes place and typically, patients die within minutes of experiencing it.

A recent study involving 692 plastic surgeons investigated the development of fat embolisms related to Brazilian butt lifts. The surgeons, who had jointly performed over 198,857 procedures reported 132 cases of fat emboli development, 32 of which were fatal. 3% of the surgeons said they have experienced a patient fatality and 7% said they have observed a pulmonary fat embolism before.

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It is also important to mention that all of these doctors were board-certified plastic surgeons, who are supposed to be the best of the best right? We all know that there are hundreds of doctors who are not board-certified or not even trained in plastic surgery who are performing Brazilian butt lifts in the United States. Unfortunately, if a doctor is not supposed to be performing Brazilian butt lifts, they are not going to respond to a survey on how many deaths they have had as that could prop an investigation. It is for this reason that most surgeons believe the mortality rate is significantly higher than what has been reported.

How can I stay safe when getting a Brazilian butt lift?

When people talk about real estate they say “location, location, location”. Well, when it comes to Brazilian butt lifts we should use the motto “surgeon, surgeon, surgeon”. The Brazilian butt lift is not inherently dangerous, it’s just that most doctors performing it have never professionally trained in it.

Plastic surgeons are trained to repair scars, perform hand surgery, and a good majority of them are even trained to perform tummy tucks and breast augmentations. But, most board certified plastic surgeons do not get sufficient training in Brazilian butt lifts when going through a typical plastic surgery residency.

In order to receive this training, a plastic surgeon would likely have to undergo a cosmetic surgery fellowship afterward. This is a 1-2 year program where they are extensively trained in performing surgeries that are purely cosmetic, such as the Brazilian butt lift. In addition, leading Brazilian butt lift surgeons specialize in fat tissue transfer and they make up the bulk of their practice.

If you are going to have a Brazilian butt lift, it is critical that you work with a surgeon who has had additional training in the treatment and who performs dozens of them every month. A good surgeon has been performing the treatment for years and has hundreds of happy patients to vouch for them.

Getting a Brazilian butt lift in Michigan

If you are interested in having a Brazilian butt lift, we invite you to give us a call at 855-248-2220. At SurgeonGate, our job is to find the most experienced and specialized plastic surgeons in Michigan so that you can have a safe experience and get the results you are looking for. We will educate you on the Brazilian butt lift technique and when you’re ready, place you with the most experienced Brazilian butt lift specialist in your area. We look forward to meeting you!

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