How much does breast augmentation cost in Michigan?

How much does breast augmentation cost in Michigan?

Thinking of getting breast implants? Known as breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, the treatment can make you feel more confident in your body with larger and perkier breasts. Implants are available in saline or silicone and can help add more fullness to your breasts or create a more symmetrical look.

You may find that while it improves your physical appearance, it can also boost your self-esteem because it allows you to feel more confident in your body. It’s a cosmetic procedure though, and this means you’re going to need to pay for it because your health insurance won’t. In this article, we cover all the costs and expenses related to breast augmentation Michigan so you can make an informed decision about your surgery.

What Can I Expect to Pay for Breast Implants in Michigan?

What Can I Expect to Pay for Breast Implants in Michigan?Cost isn’t the only factor that should affect your decision about getting breast implants, however, you should understand what this procedure requires is the possibility of complications in addition to all the costs associated with it.

It depends on many different things to determine the cost for your breast augmentation. Your location, the surgeon, and the type of implant all play a part in determining the fees. According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost for getting breast implants was $3,708. This estimate doesn’t include the other related surgery costs or anesthesia either, so you can expect it to run anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000, perhaps more.

It’s worth noting that average costs for the removal of breast implants in 2014 came to $2,330. Some women have them removed because they find them uncomfortable or for medical reasons. This may also be an expense you may incur as health insurance won’t cover plastic surgery in Michigan.

Breakdown of Costs for Breast Implant Surgery

 Costs will vary, but they generally include the following for breast augmentation:

  • Saline or silicone implants
  • Fees for anesthesia
  • Facility and medical equipment costs
  • Medical testing
  • Prescription medications

Which Implants Should I Choose? Saline or Silicone? 

Which Implants Should I Choose? Saline or Silicone? Before choosing to have breast augmentation done, you should know the difference between the types of implants you can choose from. Saline implants feature a silicone shell that has a sterile filling of saltwater within. Silicone implants are made with a silicone shell and have a filling of plastic. Silicone implants are very dangerous if they leak although this is extremely rare as modern silicone implants are well designed. 

The implant type you choose has a role in the overall costs for your surgery. The Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank listed the average cost for saline implants as $3,268 and silicone for $3,618. Before deciding, speak to your breast implants Michigan surgeon about which implant is right for you.

Will Health Insurance Pay For It?

While breast augmentation may make you feel physically and mentally better, health insurance companies seldom cover cosmetic surgery costs, and that includes those for installing implants or removing them. They also won’t cover breast reductions or breast lifts. You must be prepared to pay for these types of procedures on your own. 

The only exception some insurance providers make is for covering the removal of ruptured implants or breast reconstruction after a mastectomy performed for breast cancer. You should check with your health insurance company to know what they cover and what they won’t. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

It’s important to know that not everyone is a suitable candidate for breast augmentation Michigan. Your physical and mental health must be in good condition. Your breasts must also be fully developed. Other factors for consideration are whether or not you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts in regards to shape or volume, or if they are asymmetrical.

It’s a very personal decision and your reasons may vary for why you’re willing to undergo this procedure. You should make sure that you thoroughly research your options and feel confident in your consultation before proceeding to visit a breast implant clinic.

Final Advice on the Cost of Breast Implants in Michigan

When you work with one of the experienced physicians that SurgeonGate connects you with, breast implants can make a wonderful difference in your physique and boost your overall mood and confidence. 

As with any cosmetic procedure, we never recommend patients bargain shop for the cheapest gig in town. Breast augmentation is a life-changing procedure that requires years of training and experience to perfect. We highly recommend you wait until your finances allow you to work with a well trained and heavily experienced surgeon. Check out our blog for more articles about breast implants and related Michigan plastic surgery posts.


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