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The Breast lift is a popular procedure in Michigan which removes and tightens excess skin in order to correct sagging and droopy breasts caused by aging pregnancy, or weight loss. A breast lift elevates the breasts to a natural and youthful position without the use of breast implants. Here at SurgeonGate, you can learn about the breast lift technique and request a consultation with a leading breast lift surgeon in Michigan. We are on a mission to make cosmetic surgery safer and more effective by connecting patients with highly experienced and specialized surgeons. Request a consultation for breast lift today!

What can a breast lift treat?

The breast lift can repair sagging, droopy, and deformed breasts. The presence of sagging and droopy breasts can be cause for concern and discomfort in many women nowadays. Factors such as aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and constant weight fluctuations are usually the cause of sagging breasts and excess skin. A breast lift can elevate and reshape sagging breasts and reduce the size of the areolas creating a more natural and youthful look. 

Where can I get a breast lift in Michigan?

At SurgeonGate, you can request a consultation with a specialized breast lift surgeon in Michigan. If you are interested in restoring your breasts, you should start by learning about the procedure and cost of breast lift surgery in Michigan, right here on SurgeonGate, your gateway to cosmetic surgery.

Once you’re ready, request a consultation with SurgeonGate. A specialist will contact you to discuss your options and place you with a leading breast surgeon who is experienced with patients like you. There are a lot of doctors performing breast lift surgery in Michigan, who are not certified, trained, or specialized in this delicate procedure. We are here to place you with experienced and specialized surgeons in your area. Request a consultation for breast lift surgery today!

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How is breast lift surgery performed in Michigan?

Breast lift surgery, medically known as Mastopexy, is performed by removing excess skin and fat from the breasts and often includes elevating the areola and nipple as well. The procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia, although in some cases it’s done under local anesthesia with sedation. The surgery lasts anywhere from two to four hours depending on the extent of your goals or how much fat and tissue must be removed to restore your breasts. 

Once the new position of the areola and nipple is established and the excess skin is eliminated, the breast is molded. In most cases, it is necessary to reshape the gland to give it an enhanced shape and height. In some cases, particularly when the elevation is minimal or the breasts are just slightly drooping, the scars are very small and located only around the areola.

If the size of your breasts are small or the amount of skin to be removed is very large, it is advisable to increase the volume of the breasts in the same procedure by utilizing breast implants. Breast augmentation during mastopexy reduces the extension of the scars, normalizes the size of the breasts and improves their appearance and turgor.

It is not possible to use fat grafts to perform a breast augmentation together with a mastopexy but it is possible to use lipoimplantation to achieve a better filling of the upper poles of the breast and to provide a better structure to the skin of the breasts. Liposuction is used to collect the fat tissue for grafting.

How breast lift surgery is performed in Michigan
How much does a breast lift cost in michigan?

How much does a breast lift cost in Michigan?

A breast lift costs $5,672 for the average patient in Michigan, including anesthesia and facility fees. With that being said, costs will vary widely depending on the extent of your procedure. Some patients only require minor changes to one of their breasts, while others require significant modifications to both. Because every single breast lift is a customized procedure, the cost and other factors that depend on the particular nature of a patient’s goals are best discussed during your consultation. Most of the top plastic surgeons also offer short term financing options such as CareCredit, to help you cover the cost of your treatment. When it comes to cost, we don’t recommend patients bargain shop. Oddly low prices are typically used to attract patients who will overlook a surgeons lack of credentials.

Who can have breast lift surgery in Michigan?

To have breast lift surgery in Michigan you must be in good health, without chronic disease, and psychologically stable. Mastopexy, or breast lift surgery is ideal for women who have sagging of the breasts accompanied or not by extra skin and fat tissue. 

A breast lift cannot be performed in women who have an active infection in their body, malignant or premalignant lesions, alterations in blood clotting or tissue scarring, and/or alterations in the immune system. Any patient with a mental illness under treatment should wait for the stabilization or resolution of their condition before qualifying for mastopexy in Michigan.

If you are thinking about becoming pregnant, it is preferable to wait until pregnancy and lactation before undergoing surgery. The surgery does not interfere with pregnancy or breastfeeding, but you should know that the results of your procedure will be modified by pregnancy.

How long is the recovery after a breast lift?

Most patients return to work 7-10 days after surgery. Sports-related activities and strenuous exercise should be avoided for about two months after the surgery in order to prevent complications and optimize healing.

The postoperative period is one of the most important parts of any surgery when it comes to preventing complications and getting the best results possible. Be sure to follow your surgeons advice on postoperative care and proper recovery. You may feel fatigued and sore for a few days after the surgery. These discomforts usually treated with traditional painkillers. If these discomforts are not severe you can return to performing your activities of daily living in about 48 to 72 hours.

Postoperative breast lift care

It is normal for the breasts to be somewhat bruised and swollen after the operation, as is with any surgical procedure. The inflammation typically disappears in three to five weeks and rarely lasts longer under the proper care. The garments that close the wounds will be removed by your surgeon after about two weeks, during your follow up exam. You will visit your surgeon a few times after the surgery to ensure that the healing and recovery process is unfolding smoothly and no complications are present.

After the surgery, your surgeon will provide you with a support bra that you will wear most of the day until your doctor deems it is no longer necessary. It is designed to prevent swelling and inflammation. You will likely notice a slight decrease in breast sensitivity for about three to six weeks, this is due to inflammation and very rarely does it last any longer than 1-2 months.

Breast lift surgery will leave some scarring, but with the right care, you can make them nearly invisible with time. You should avoid having your scars endure heavy exposure to the sun or UV rays for a minimum of one year, as this can increase there visibility. Properly caring for your scars and keeping them out of direct sunlight will increase their chances of eventually becoming undetectable. Your surgeon may also some recommend products which could help with scarring.

What are the risks of breast lift surgery?

Breast lift risks include bleeding, infection, changes in nipple sensitivity, fluid buildup, and keloid scarring. With that being said, mastopexy is a very safe procedure that rarely presents complications when performed by a well-trained and experienced breast surgeon. However, as in any surgery, there is a risk of complications or an abnormal reaction to anesthesia.

Smokers are at a higher risk of presenting scarring problems according to multiple studies. A breast lift leaves light but permanent scars that are notable depending on the technique used and the type of breasts you have. The presence of hypertrophic or keloid scarring, although possible, is extremely rare. The breasts are naturally asymmetrical, this is why in many cases it is impossible to arrange the two breasts equally during surgery. Therefore, minimal asymmetries in the breast should not be considered a complication, but a natural look.

Sensitivity disorders in the areolas and nipples in most cases are temporary or non-existent. Do not forget that to have great results you should follow the advice of your surgeon at all times, especially in the immediate postoperative period of mastopexy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have permanent scarring?

After breast lift surgery, you will experience permanent scarring, although, with the proper aftercare, these scars can eventually become undetectable. The most commonly used technique is called the lollipop incision which usually leaves a light scar around the areola and a vertical scar that extends downward like a lollipop. The first factor of preventing excess scarring lies with your surgeon when they initially form the incisions into the breasts. 

The second factor is ensuring proper aftercare. Your surgeon may employ dressings, internal sutures, or a medical adhesive to promote your incisions to heal quickly and help prevent excess scarring. In order to maximize your results, your surgeon may also instruct you on how to keep your incisions, clean and dry and to avoid weightlifting and exercises which can trigger more scarring. 

Can a breast lift cause breast sensitivity?

Breast lift surgery does not result in permanent changes to breast or nipple sensitivity. You may have heard some rumors that a mastopexy can affect the nerves of your nipples, causing them to become more or less sensitive. During the weeks after your surgery, your breast tissue is recovering internally and this can trigger slight hypersensitivity in the nipples as blood flow to the area has risen. For women who do experience breast sensitivity, which is rare, it usually subsides within 1 to 2 months. This side effect is possible with breast reduction surgery as a lot of glandular tissue is removed.

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