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A Breast Reduction is a procedure that removes excess skin, fat, and sometimes glandular tissue to alleviate the pain and discomfort of oversize breasts and create a more natural appearance. At SurgeonGate, you can learn the risks and benefits of this life changing procedure and work with one of our specialized breast reduction surgeons in Southeast Michigan. Request a consultation below or call (855)-248-2220 to speak with a specialist about your options.

What Can A Breast Reduction Treat?

Breast reduction surgery can reduce the volume, weight, as well as the physical and emotional burden of excessively large breasts, leaving them tighter, lighter, and natural looking. Breast reduction surgery can provide patients with a very significant relief and boost in their quality of life. Studies show that 97% of patients are very happy with their results and would do it again, something very few surgical procedures can boast nowadays.

Where can I get a breast reduction in Michigan?

At SurgeonGate, you can work with an experienced Michigan breast surgeon who will help you reach your goals safely. Breast reduction surgery is a very delicate procedure, so it’s important that you work a with highly trained and experienced surgeon if you want to maximize your results.

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How much does a breast reduction cost in Michigan?

The average cost for breast reduction in Michigan is $6,800. Breast reduction, similar to most plastic surgeries does not have a fixed price and costs can vary greatly from patient to patient, as everyone’s case is unique. You can also finance your breast reduction surgery with CareCredit.

For most patients in Michigan, breast reduction surgery is covered by health insurance. This is because it is a medical procedure that alleviates women of symptoms such as bra strap grooving, rashes, back pain, poor posture, and more. If you’re motives are purely cosmetic, then it is technically a breast lift, and your insurance will not cover the procedure.

Breast Reduction Michigan cost

How is breast reduction surgery performed?

A breast reduction is performed by making an incision around the areola and removing excess tissue to lighten the breasts. The areola and nipple are typically lifted as well to create a natural and youthful look for the patient. The process begins with general anesthesia which means you are completely unconscious during the procedure. The surgeon then makes an incision in the area where tissue is to be removed. 

How is a breast reduction performed?

Once the incisions have been created, the technique used to remove tissue depends on the extent of your procedure and your personal goals. During the surgery, your surgeon may remove breast tissue, skin, and fat tissue.

For less dramatic procedures, your surgeon will simply remove excess fat and seal the breasts. This is the safest type of breast reduction procedure and has the lowest chance of complications.

For more dramatic procedures, the surgeon may have to remove tissue and skin, and may even need to reposition the nipples so that your breasts have a natural and unadulterated look after they have healed.

In this case, the surgeon will often reduce the size of the areola (the dark skin around the nipple) in order to complement the reduced size of your breasts.

It can take anywhere from one to two hours to reconstruct each breast properly, leaving most procedures ranging anywhere from two to four hours in total depending on that amount of tissue being removed.

How long is the recovery for breast reduction?

Most patients return to work or school within 10 to 14 days. Recovery is more challenging for patients who have had skin removed and their nipples repositioned than patients who have merely had some fat removed. The immediate recovery of beast reduction will begin in the hospital or surgery center where your procedure took place. This involves 2-3 hours of supervised recovery to ensure that the procedure went well and your anesthesia is wearing off safely.

For about 14 days, you will wear compression bra to prevent bruising and swelling. For about 1 month, you wll be advised to avoid strenuous exercise as this can slow down recovery. During your recovery period, you may also have to quit smoking and avoid certain medications such as aspirin, Aleve, and Motrin. These can have a negative impact on the healing process of your body.

Who is a candidate for breast reduction?

The ideal candidate is in good general health and does not have any active infections or illnesses which could affect the healing process. 

At SurgeonGate, your health is our top priority so we ask that you be completely honest and direct about your views, expectations, and goals of breast reduction surgery so that your surgeon can clearly understand your needs and devise a plan to make you feel confident and healthy in your body.

How long is the recovery for breast reduction?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have permanent scarring?

After a breast reduction, you will have permanent scarring. With the right aftercare, they can become undetectable over time. Over time, your scars will fade out and become unnoticeable, although never 100% gone. Your surgeon may use bandages, internal sutures, or a surgical adhesive to keep your incisions tight so they can heal rapidly. In order to maximize your results, your surgeon may also instruct you on how to keep your incisions, clean and dry and to avoid weightlifting and exercises which can trigger more scarring. The healing process for this surgery is similar but less dramatic than the recovery process of breast implants.

Will surgery affect the nerves in my nipples?

You may have heard rumors that a reduction mammoplasty can affect the nerve endings of your nipples. This is not true. During the months following your surgery, your breast tissue is still healing internally and this can cause hypersensitivity in the nipples as blood flow is increased. For women who experience nipple sensitivity, it tends to subside 2 to 3 months after surgery, or sometimes longer depending on your age and how fast your body can heal.

Can men get breast reduction surgery?

Male breast reduction surgery is commonly known as gynecomastia surgery in Michigan. The surgery is used to treat men with gynecomastia, an enlargement of a man’s breasts, often due to hormonal imbalance, or being previously overweight/obese. 

Is there any link between breast reduction and cancer?

As opposed to some rumors, breast reduction surgery does not affect your chances of getting breast cancer. Unfortunately, 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their life and to this day, no scientific study has linked reduction mammoplasty to breast cancer. This also holds true for both silicone and saline breast implants, as well as augmentation using fat grafts.

Will a breast reduction affect my ability to breastfeed?

You may have heard rumors that reduction mammoplasty can affect your ability to breastfeed if you have children after surgery. Unfortunately, this is not a myth. In some cases where a lot of tissue needs to be removed, your surgeon may be forced to remove glandular tissues that play a part in breastfeeding. Some women with smaller cases have no problem breastfeeding after surgery, others struggle to breastfeed, and some are not able to at all. You and your surgeon will determine how much breast tissue needs to be removed to achieve your goals and how likely it is to hinder your breastfeeding ability.

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