Types of Breast Implants

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Breast Implants, more commonly referred to as breast augmentation, involves utilizing artificial breast implants or a fat tissue transfer to enlarge the breasts and create a more balanced aesthetic look. Breast Augmentation is also performed in order to restore breast volume that has been lost or deformed due to weight loss, sickness, mastectomies, or pregnancy.

Why your implant matters

Breast augmentation surgery is undoubtedly one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the state of Michigan. The most important aspect of this surgery, is the choice of implant, which you will decide on with your plastic surgeon, during your consultation. Factors you will discuss include the type, size, and shape most suitable for your body and goals.

In Michigan, breast implants are either composed of a plastic shell that is filled with sterile salt water (a saline implant) or a fully cohesive silicone gel (a silicone implant). Silicone implants are the newest form of breast implants, but both types of implants have a purpose, along with different pros and cons. Check out the video to see inside a silicone breast implant. 

Saline breast implants

Saline implants are composed of a plastic shell filled with sterile water and salt, medically known as saline. Saline implants are the oldest types of breast implants, and although they are outdated, some women still prefer them. Saline implants can deflate over time, increasing the possibility of complications such as undulations and bends, and the implant rupturing. In the extreme case of a rupture, the salt water filling is absorbed by the body without causing any harm, although obviously the volume loss will be noticed gradually and need to be treated.

Saline implants are tougher to the touch, giving the breasts a less natural feel. Saline implants were popular in the past, but as silicone implants increased in innovation, they have also increased in popularity, making silicone implants nearly obsolete. 

Silicone breast implants

Silicone breast implants are the most commonly used and most frequently recommended breast implants in Michigan. The silicone gel used is engineered to be highly cohesiveness, so in the extreme case that the implant ruptures, it will not leak any harmful substances into the body. If the implant ruptures you will not notice a decrease in the volume of the breasts, so it is advisable to have an MRI periodically to detect breakage, even though it’s rare. In addition, the silicone gel promotes a much more natural appearance and a more natural feeling.

The shell of the silicone breast implant is made with of hyper-elastic silicone in order to reduce the risk of breakage. The surface of a silicone implant can be either smooth or textured. The type of surface can affect the look, feel, and safety of the implant in the long term.

Smooth surface implants

Smooth implants are softer than textured implants and this provides women with a more natural feel to their breasts after surgery. In smooth implants, the incision made to insert the implant is smaller than with a textured implant, as it is easier to slide under the tissue. In addition, in the rare case of an infection, it is difficult for bacteria to take hold, since they do not have wrinkled creases. This makes antibiotic treatment very effective.

Smooth implants are also less likely to produce seromas in the future, the accumulation of liquid fat after surgery, a benign but annoying complication during the postoperative period that is usually treated with laser liposuction. Smooth implants are also thought to last longer than textured implants but this is not 100% proven.


Textured surface implants

Textured breast implants have a rough, textured surface. The idea behind textured implants is that the textured surface allows the implant to stick to the tissue better, preventing any rotation or shifting over time. The downside is that your breasts will feel less natural to the touch than they will with smooth implants.

Textured implants are known to decrease the incidence of a rare but documented complication where a capsular contracture occurs around the breast implant, resulting in moderate pain, breast sensitivity, hardening, wrinkles, deformations, and displacement of the breasts. The roughness of the breast Implant prevents the formation of fibrous tissue that causes encapsulation. In addition, this rough surface allows it to adhere better to the tissues, decreasing the possibility of displacement.

smooth surface implants
textured surface implants

Round and teardrop shapes

Round breast implants, as the name implies, have a rounded shape to them. In America and in Europe, round implants are the most frequently used shape, although teardrop implants have been increasing in popularity and may soon be just as popular as round implants. Round implants can be both smooth or textured, while teardrop implants are only available in textured. This is because textured surfaces prevent rotation, and rotation of a teardrop implant would cause a noticeable deformity in the breasts.

Teardrop implants, have an oval, tear-shaped form to them. They are regularly composed of cohesive silicone gel to preserve their shape and are commonly referred to as gummy bear implants in Michigan. Although the cost of these breast implants is typically higher than others, they are said to become the most popular implants by 2020, as their results are surprisingly natural.

Teardrop implants are not for everyone. For women who have a healthy amount of body fat and descent breast volume, to begin with, round implants will achieve a very natural look. In women who are very thin or have little to no starting breast volume, round implants can have a strong pop to them, often appearing synthetic and giving women the notorious “fake boobs” look. For women of this body type, teardrop implants will have a much more natural appearance to them and it will be very difficult to tell that you have breast implants to the untrained eye.

What is a round breast implant?
What is a teardrop implant?

Choosing the right implants for you

The type of implant you go with, should be decided based on your body type, your goals, and the advice of your surgeon. It is important that you follow the advice of an image consultant and your plastic surgeon to make the best decision during your breast augmentation in Detroit, MI. As far as brands available in Michigan, some of the top manufacturers of breast implants are Mentor®, Allergan®, and Arion®.

It is important to bear in mind that no breast implant lasts a lifetime. The lifespan of the implant depends not only on the quality of the Implant, but also on factors such as the reaction of the body, and how your lifestyle habits are. Breast implants usually have a lifetime replacement guarantee in case of a rupture, early capsular contractures or rejection. When breast implants are removed, augmentation using fat grafts can be utilized to keep the breasts in a youthful appearance.

Nowadays, breast implants are engineered extremely well and every year they are improved. Just because someone you know who had implants 15 years ago has to replace them does not mean you will need to do the same in 15 years if you have surgery today. It is recommended that once the breast augmentation surgery is performed, you visit your plastic surgeon occasionally for a postoperative follow-up to avoid complications, as well as to periodic monitoring to monitor the status of your breast implant.

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