Myths About Breast Augmentation & Implants

Augmentation Mammoplasty, more commonly referred to as a breast lift, breast implants, or a breast augmentation in Michigan, involves utilizing synthetic implants or a fat tissue transfer to enlarge the breasts and create a more rounded aesthetic look. Breast Augmentation is also performed in order to restore breast volume that has been lost or deformed due to weight loss, sickness, or pregnancy. 

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular types of plastic surgery in Michigan and in the world. Although there is a lot of information about breast augmentation surgery, there are also many myths that floating around that we feel need to be debunked.

Breast implants make breastfeeding difficult

False. During breast augmentation, the surgeon does not modify the structure or functioning of the mammary gland, therefore, the production and secretion of breast milk are not affected. In addition, the implants are placed behind the gland to prevent it from interfering with breastfeeding.
This rumor likely stems from the fact that during reduction mammoplasty, also known as breast reduction surgery in Michigan, can affect your ability to breastfeed. This is because, the surgeon may often have to remove glandular tissue which can affect your ability to breastfeed. 

Breast implants can explode on an airplaneBreast implants can explode on an airplane

This rumor is totally false. There is no risk of an implant exploding in an airplane, since the cabins of the aircraft are pressurized. The pressure variations due to changes in height do not affect the interior of the aircraft, so your saline implants are totally safe while flying. 

Implants only last 10 years at most

Nowadays, due to the high quality of cohesive silicone implants, they can remain in the body for much longer than 10 years. In fact, the breakage rate after 10 years is only 4%.

In many cases, your breast implants can last a lifetime, while in others it will have to be changed over the years based on the deterioration of the implant, and always under medical supervision. For this reason, it is recommended to occasionally visit your surgeon to ensure the status of your breast implant. 

If the implant tears, plastic will leak into your body.

Modern breast implants are composed of highly cohesive silicone gels, so if the implant is broken it maintains the shape and the content do not spread throughout the tissue. In this case, your surgeon will safely remove your breast implants.

After surgery, you will lose breast sensitivity

The breast implant, in general, does not affect the sensitivity of your breast. With that being said, when the implant is very large and stretches the skin out a lot, it can also stretch the sensitive nerves and alter the sensitivity of the breast. This is very rare and in the vast majority of cases, does not happen.

The results always look unnatural

False. Breast augmentation surgery is known for achieving a very natural breast appearance, however, the results depend on the anatomical characteristics of the patient, the type of implant used and the experience of the surgeon. A good technique to achieve a more natural result is the combination of mammoplasty to achieve the desired volume along with a breast lipoimplant using fat grafts to model the breast and soften the edges.

There is a high chance that your body rejects the implant.

False. The risk of rejection is extremely low since the material of the implant is totally compatible with our body, although a capsular contracture is possible.

In this case, when the implant is inserted, the body reacts by forming a capsule of fibrous tissue around the implant. This is a totally natural process, however, the problem arises when the capsule hardens and presses against the implant. This can cause the breasts to become hard to the touch. In this case, another procedure would be necessary to eliminate the capsule and change the prosthesis.

You can never play sports after a breast augmentation.

During the postoperative recovery period, you should avoid any activity that involves the sudden movement of the arms and high impact sports. Strenuous activity can affect your healing and cause complications with your surgery. After completing the standard recovery process (approximately 1 month) you can practice any sport using an appropriate sports bra for added support.

Breast implants increase the risk of breast cancer.

False. Wearing a silicone implant does not affect your risk of developing breast cancer. Implants also do not make it difficult for doctors to detect tumors if the relevant radiological tests are performed.

What type of breast Implant should I choose?Breast augmentation will make your breast sag early.

False. Before the intervention, the surgeon must evaluate the quality of the patient’s skin to determine which prosthesis size is the most appropriate. It is not advisable to place a very large prosthesis in a patient with lax skin.

The scars of breast augmentation surgery are permeant

False. The incisions made during the surgery are minimal and are located in an area where the skin has great healing capacity, therefore the scars usually disappear with the passage of time. However, exposure to the sun and tobacco smoke should be avoided as this can hinder the healing process.

Teens should not undergo breast augmentation.

False. The appropriate age for a breast augmentation surgery is linked to the complete development of the body and the ability of each patient to understand and accept what the operation consists of. Many teens are advised to postpone surgery because their breasts may still be developing or their weight may be fluctuating greatly.

The Teardrop implant is better than the round implant

The two forms of implants are used daily, and the choice between one and the other depends on the anatomical conditions of each patient and their personal preference. Round implants provide greater volume, while Teardrop implants provide a more natural look in patients who are thin or have very little breast tissue, to begin with.

What to Remember

Breast augmentation is a sensitive procedure that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is important that you are choosing to do it for yourself and not for anybody else, even if someone else such has offered to pay for your procedure. Only with the proper mindset, will breast implants leave you feeling happy and confident in your skin.