Breast Augmentation Postoperative Care

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Breast Augmentation, more commonly referred to as a breast implant, breast lift or a “boob job”, involves utilizing synthetic breast implants or a fat tissue transfer to enlarge the breasts and/or create a more round aesthetic look. Breast Augmentation is also performed in order to restore breast volume that has been lost or deformed due to weight loss, sickness, or pregnancy. Breast augmentation surgery is an invasive surgery so there are strict protocols which you must follow after surgery in order to ensure the success of your treatment.

Why Is Post-Op Important?

For a woman, breasts are one of the clearest symbols of youth and femininity, and a key focus of her anatomy. Therefore, breast surgery should be carried out delicately, with the best care and applying all the necessary clinical attention. There are are some recommendations that will help you recover quickly and improve your results after breast augmentation surgery.

When you meet with your breast augmentation surgeon, he or she will further layout the postoperative requirements necessary to achieve the results you want. They will also monitor you after surgery to ensure you are healing correctly and no complications are present.

Functional rest is the first step

The body needs to recover from the damage produced by dissecting the breast and placing the implant inside. Although it is a safe and controlled surgical procedure, it is still a stressful situation for the tissues involved. As in any recovery process, rest and recovery fundamental to healing.

What is the recovery like for breast reduction?

Rest does not necessarily imply absolute immobilization, but rather making smooth movements throughout your day, avoiding weight lifting and strenuous activities, and not forcing the extension of the treated area.

Proper rest will facilitate healing, the formation of the natural tissue capsule around the implant, and prevent the accumulation of fluid (seroma) build up in the breasts. The rotation of the implant, which is a complication that would modify the shape of the breast, and bleeding from the area in the immediate postoperative period are possible complications that can arise if a patient engages in a lot of strenuous activity immediately after surgery. In addition, rest will relieve inflammation and accelerate the recovery process in general.


The recovery bra and the mammary band provided are essential to avoid unwanted mobilization of the breasts in the postoperative period of any breast augmentation surgery in Michigan. In this way, it is likely that you will keep the implants in the desired position while the tissue heals. Not using the proper bra or removing it without the consent of your surgeon may compromise the final results of the surgery.

Proper Hydration

After the surgery, the skin of the breasts is stretched due to the increase in volume generated by the placement of the implant and natural inflammation. This sudden distension, which is greater in inelastic skins and when very large implants are used, together with the continued use of the bra, can cause an increase in the dryness of the skin that sometimes generates itching and irritation on the surface.

Keeping the skin hydrated will improve these symptoms and prevent the appearance of stretch marks. There are many moisturizers you can use and even products specifically designed for recovery. Your surgeon will educate you on any products they feel will improve your recovery.

Scar treatment

Although the final appearance of the scars will depend on several factors such as the suture technique and the tissue characteristics of each patient, there are treatments that can improve its evolution. Modern breast augmentation techniques are designed to minimize scarring and in most women, they are undetectable with time and patience.

In the first stage of the postoperative period, it is important to cleanse with an antiseptic solution and prevent the dehydration of the skin by means of occlusion with paper tape to avoid hypertrophy of the scar. Afterward, you can apply gels or patches of silicone and oily moisturizing agents that prevent the formation of keloids, keeping the scar flat and elastic so that it can heal quickly.

Postoperative physiotherapy

The postoperative physiotherapy treatment including manual lymphatic drainage will accelerate the recovery process, relieving inflammation and discomfort. Manual lymphatic drainage should be started on the 2nd or 3rd day after surgery, or when authorized by the plastic surgeon. The maneuvers are performed with extreme care and following the directions of physiological drainage of the breast tissue.

Lymphatic drainage should not be uncomfortable for the patient, the appearance of pain is a sign of an incorrect technique or inflammation of the tissue. If the patient feels pain or discomfort during the session, the intensity of the maneuvers should be reduced.

Follow up exams

The follow-up exams are important to assess if the postoperative process is normal, and allows the surgeon to establish an early treatment in case of any complication. It is important that you are clear with your surgeon during the follow-up and describe any pains you may be feeling even you people tell you they are normal.

After about a year, it is important to remind patients that the fact of being carriers of breast implants implies a need to perform periodic examinations of the implants to assess the state of the implants. This is because the implant can be broken or they can induce the formation of seromas or capsular contractures after a while in rare cases. The most used imaging tests are breast ultrasounds and magnetic resonance imaging. The follow-up must be annual and also allows an assessment of the breast tissue and its pathology if there is one.

Sunshine should be avoided

The sun is a natural enemy of recent scars, since it can cause hyperpigmentation and make them more visible in the long term. It is important to avoid overexposure of scars to the sun during the first year.

Exercise cautions

Performing more physical activity creates greater wear of the implants and increases the risk of rupture or contracture, especially if they are placed in the retro-pectoral space. This does not mean that you have to stop exercising after surgery, you should only be aware of what this implies and avoid it in the months following surgery. You should also avoid making exaggerated movements of the pectoral muscle.

In addition, it is advisable to maintain an adequate recovery period (approximately 1.5 to 3 months) before resuming the sports routine, in order to prevent the rotation of implants.

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