Laser-Assisted Liposuction

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Laser-Assisted Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery designed to lean out and reshape troublesome parts of the body such as the midsection or upper legs. During the procedure, a plastic surgeon removes excess deposits of fatty tissue from beneath the skin, improving a patients body contours and physical proportions. The surgeon also works to sculpt the area of focus in order to permanently reshape the patient’s figure.

Laser Liposuction

Liposuction is a technique that began in the 70s, and like many medical procedures has undergone several modifications that have optimized its application. Great advances in the field of cosmetic surgery have allowed the development of more reliable and safe procedures such as laser-assisted liposuction which has numerous benefits of traditional and dry liposuction.

Laser-assisted liposuction is a cutting-edge technique that offers less trauma and better aesthetic results compared to conventional liposuction. Some of the main advantages of this technique are clear during the postoperative period since it promotes a much shorter recovery period and greatly reduces the rate of medical complications that can occur. 

Laser-assisted liposuction is a new technique for the removal of accumulated fat cells which has been popularized in the world of cosmetic surgery very recently thanks to the development of laser technology. It is used for the elimination of cellulite and other adiposities located in the abdomen, inner area of arms and thighs, jowls, back, hips, buttocks, etc. It can also complement traditional liposuction in the treatment of large volumes of fat.

The process of laser lipo

During the surgery, a thin laser cannula is introduced through small incisions in the skin, which liquifies the fat by applying different wavelengths (1440 nm, 1320 nm, 1064nm) to the cells. The combined thermal and photomechanical effects allow liposuction to treat a wide region of adipose tissue while uniformly heating the treated area. In this way, the formation of collagen is stimulated and the blood supply of the treated area is improved. The liquefied fat is easily aspirated leaving the skin in contact with the underlying muscle revealing enhanced body definition.

Once the fat has been removed, the skin on the surface is stimulated with a laser to promote the formation of new collagen and retraction of the skin. This cutaneous remodeling leads to firmness and elasticity of the treated area, creating a natural and untouched look.

In the case of small pockets of fat, treatment is performed under local anesthesia. However, if the area to be treated is extensive or the patient requires combined treatments, local anesthesia combined with sedation is used to make the treatment more comfortable for the patient and the surgeon. The amount of fat extracted varies depending on the areas treated, the thickness of the adipose tissue and the elasticity of the skin, always respecting the maximum safety and harmony patterns of the patient’s natural body contour.

Laser liposuction recovery

Laser liposuction recovery

The recovery process is quick since the technique less invasive than traditional liposuction. In most cases, after 2-3 hours of medical observation, the patient can go home without needing to be hospitalized. It is important that the patient uses the provided compression garment in the treated area for at least 4 weeks to prevent inflammation or swelling.

Usually, the patient can return to routine life after 2-3 days. Temporary discomfort may arise in the treated area such as inflammation, bruises, and altered sensitivity, however, these are easily controlled with common analgesics and lymphatic drainage massages.

Although results begin to appear form the first weeks, it may take up to six months for your permanently enhanced figure to be clear and to see overall improvements in your body shape and skin texture.

Advantages of laser liposuction

Laser-assisted liposuction involves less surgical trauma for patients and therefore less pain, less blood loss, less bruising, and less edema, which leads to better results and a short recovery period.

The reduction of postoperative pain is important not only because it makes patients more comfortable. Severe postoperative pain by itself is a predisposing factor to the appearance of complications such as trouble breathing and venous insufficiency, which can even lead to pulmonary emboli, a complication which led to the first death caused by traditional liposuction.

Pulmonary thromboembolism and fat embolism are the most feared complications of conventional dry liposuction. However, with the lysis of adipocytes (fat cells) and the coagulation of blood vessels by a laser, these complications can be avoided entirely.

In conventional liposuction, to dissolve and remove fatty tissue it is necessary to perform violent and rapid movements that damage neighboring tissues and increase the risk of perforation to internal organs. During laser-assisted liposuction, it is not necessary to perform these movements, which reduces the risk of perforation, decreases the effort made by the surgeon and shortens the time of surgery and recovery.

Thanks to the ability to stimulate the skin and promote skin retraction using the laser, it is also very useful in eliminating skin flaccidity and cellulite. A great compliment to the results of liposuction.

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