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Ethnic rhinoplasty, often referred to as nose reshaping or even a nose job in Michigan, significantly enhances a person’s facial symmetry by creating a natural subtle nose that balances the patients face. Rhinoplasty surgery can also be performed to improve nostril breathing for those with structural impairments such a deviated septum.

What is an Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

An “ethnic rhinoplasty” is merely a term used to describe rhinoplasties performed on people whos noses may have an unappealing characteristic which is common among a certain ethnicity. For example, many African Americans tend to have wider noses and many Middle Easterners tend to have larger or even protruding nasal humps.

Surgically, there is no difference between a standard rhinoplasty and an ethnic rhinoplasty, it is merely a term used to clarify the motive behind surgery. Open and closed rhinoplasties can be used to achieve your goals and your surgeon will still take a unique approach to treat you.

As opposed to popular belief, there are no specific surgical techniques used on patients of African American, Asian, or any other decent in particular. Rhinoplasty in general, is a fully customized procedure and every single surgery is unique. When you request a consultation and meet with your surgeon, he or she will develop a 100% customized plan of action for your procedure no matter what your background or ethnicity is. The goal of any rhinoplasty procedure no matter your starting condition is to create a nose that is subtle and matches the symmetrical proportions of your face. 

Rhinoplasty for African Americans

African Americans and those of African lineage often present specific patterns in their nose shape and structure which lead them to choose rhinoplasty. These common patterns including wide noses, wide and low nose bridges, and sometimes a large or oddly pitched nasal tip.

Surgeons sometimes prefer to perform a 3-tiered open structure rhinoplasty on African American patients as it allows the surgeon full access to the nasal structure and more opportunity to reshape the nose. If your nose presents one of the aforementioned features, your surgeon will work to reshape your nose so that it is sleeker and more proportionate to your overall facial structure.

rhinoplasty for african american

Rhinoplasty for Arabic & Middle Eastern

Men and women of Middle Eastern heritage also tend to portray certain tendencies is their nasal structures. Middle Eastern rhinoplasty patients tend to present a poorly defined and droopy nasal tip. They also commonly portray an excessively wide and high dorsum creating a bony hump on the nose or resemble a hooked nose.

Middle Eastern patients also tend to have thick nasal skin which often requires the surgeon to make exaggerated changes to the nasal structure so that the skin will not mask the results of the treatment. An invasive yet safe approach to treating the nasal deformities of Middle Eastern patients often includes fatty tissue removal, notable cartilage alterations, nasal tip defining, and occasional treatment of a depressed spetum muscle.

Rhinoplasty for Arabic & Middle Eastern

Rhinoplasty for Southeast Asians

Men and women of Southeast Asian descent tend to portray certain characteristics which are typical of their nasal structure. The most common abnormalities in noses of Southeast Asian descent tend to be flat nasal bridges, skinny nasal bridges, depressed nasal dorsum, and a low and ill-defined nasal tip.

Rhinoplasty surgery for such patients often involves adding volume and height to the nasal dorsum so that it more noticeable balances the face and creates a more symmetric look. This can be achieved by restructuring the cartilage of the nose or even using nasal fat grafting to increase fullness. Rhinoplasties are commonly performed on patients of Asian descent and most patients are very satisfied with the fuller, more defined look of their nose after surgery.

Rhinoplasty for Southeast Asians

Rhinoplasty for Hispanic & Latino

In the United States, ethnic rhinoplasty has typically been used to focus attention on the noses of African American and Southeast Asian patients, with little attention to Hispanic and Latino patients. In recent years, the surgery has grown in popularity as Hispanics, Latino’s, and South Americans seek treatment for typical malformations that are seen among members of the culture. The Hispanic nose is typically divided into three main archetypes.

The first archetype is characterized by a high radix or nasal root along with a large and bony nasal vault. These patients are typically treated by reducing the dorsal of the nose and resecting the caudal septum. 

The second archetype is characterized by a depressed nasal type that portrays weak outward projection. These patients are usually treated using dorsal augmentation along with nasal tip support to enhance projection.

The third archetype is characterized by a wide nasal base, a broad nasal tip, and excessively thick skin. In order to treat such patients, rhino surgeons will typically perform a correction of the dorsum base using various techniques such as tip grafting and a dorsal enhancement.

No matter your archetype or specific Hispanic or Latino heritage, every single person presents a unique nose that differs from others even in their own family. Your surgeon will work with you to discuss the ideal structure for your face and help you achieve the results you need to look and feel confident.

Rhinoplasty for Hispanic & Latino women
Rhinoplasty for Hispanic & Latino men

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