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The Mommy Makeover is life-changing combination of procedures designed to restore a woman’s body after bearing children. The treatment can include a breast lift, augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, and more. If you are interested in having a mommy makeover in Michigan, give us a call at 855-248-2220 or request a consultation below. We will place you with one of our experienced plastic surgeons who solely specializes in breast and body rejuvination.

How does motherhood affect the body?

When women face the challenges of pregnancy, birth, and caring for their children, they often neglect to care for their own bodies. By the time most mothers reach the stage where they can begin to care for themselves again, their abdominal muscles have become weak, their breasts have sunken, and they have pockets of stubborn fat that seems nearlt impossible to lose.

What can a mommy makeover do?

A mommy makevoer can rejuvinate your breasts and tighten your midsection so you can begin to results from diet and excercise. Whatever your goals, your journey starts at SurgeonGate. Our mission is to find the most experienced and specialized surgeons in Michigan so that you can have a safe experience and get the results you are looking for. Request a consultation with us today! 

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How much does a mommy makeover cost in Michigan?

On average, our patients spend about $13,000 on their mommy makeovers after paying their surgeon fees and facility fees. The cost of a mommy makeover in Michigan can range anywhere from $8,000 up to $19,000 for very extensive treatments. With that being said, over 95% of patients claim that their mommy makeover was worth every penny. You also have the option of short-term financing your mommy makeover with CareCredit. 

The mommy makeover, more than any treatment SurgeonGate offers, has the broadest price range. This is because of the fact that the mommy makeover is by far the most customized cosmetic surgery. There are multiple combinations of procedures each with different price ranges. you will most likely need a procedure on the midsection along with a breast procedure. Patients who need liposuction, a tummy tuck, and breast surgery will spend more.

What areas will a mommy makeover treat?

After having children, the two areas of the body which usually experience the most changes are the breasts and the midsection. The breasts may sag and become droopy, especially after breastfeeding. Due to the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, the breasts can lose a significant amount volume, or even gain a lot of volumes if a notable amount of fat is put on. For this reason, a breast procedure is usually a main part of the mommy makeover. 

The midsection can also experience a number of changes. The hormonal changes of pregnancy can cause stubborn fat cells to accumulate around the lower back and midsection. This can significantly change a woman’s figure as a tight midsection is essential to bringing out a woman’s natural figure.

Treating The Mommy Breasts

As we discussed earlier, there are a variety of changes that can occur to the breasts during pregnancy, so in turn, the breast procedure used to restore your breasts will depend on your situation. Some women lose a significant amount of breast volume while others gain a significant amount. Some women’s breasts sag and droop, while others may experience little to no change.

Breast Augmentation for mothers

Breast augmentation is very common during a mommy makeover, especially for women who have lost a significant amount of breast volume. During a breast augmentation, breast implants are placed behind the breasts making them appear larger, fuller, and more youthful in proportion. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in Michigan, as implants have greatly improved as far as safety and variety.

Breast Lift for mothers

If the thought of having implants in your body, no matter how safe science says they are, just doesn’t sit well with you, then a mastopexy or breast lift will be your next option. During a breast lift, the surgeon will tighten the skin of the upper region, remove any sagging tissue, and reposition the breasts and the areola/nipple in order to create a perkier and more youthful look without adding an implant. The downside of a breast lift is that it cannot add any volume to your breasts, as no implants are used in the surgery. If your breasts have not lost any volume but have become saggy and droopy, your surgeon will likely recommend a breast lift.

Mommy Makeover Surgery in Michigan

Breast reduction for mothers

Breast augmentation and the breast lift are the two most commonly used procedures when performing a mommy makeover in Michigan. Along with sagginess and drooping, some women also gain a significant amount of breast tissue during pregnancy. This usually comes along with the significant fat gain in other areas of the body, but when weight is lost naturally, the breasts might not budge. This is because certain hormones prevent the body from releasing fat from the breast region and for this reason, a breast reduction is sometimes necessary before a breast lift.

Breasts that become too large can begin to cause not only cosmetic problems, but also medical problems such as back and shoulder pain, rashes, bra strap grooving, and poor posture. They can make daily life very difficult for a mother and can prevent her from fitting into clothing. A breast reduction can lighten the breasts and provide trmendous relief.

Treating The Mommy Midsection

As we discussed earlier, there are a few changes that can occur to a woman’s midsection after having children. A mother has a unique set of hormones flowing through her body during pregnancy and breastfeeding and these can cause a mother to end up with notable fat deposits around the upper and lower back, and around the midsection. This side effect of motherhood is treated with liposuction. 

Liposuction for mothers

Laser-liposuction is very popular during a mommy makeover, especially for women who have gained fat around the body. During a laser liposuction session, your plastic surgeon will numb the area of focus and insert a cannula beneath the skin. Frequencies will then be emitted which liquefy the surrounding fat and the surgeon then sucks this fat from the body, hence the term liposuction.

Liposuction is very effective for treating small accumulations of fat which can develop during motherhood. Removing these buildups can greatly enhance a woman’s proportions and help her look like she never had children in the first place. Liposuction is also a safe procedure when performed by a specialist. 

Tummy tuck for mothers

When women bear children, especially multiple children, their abdominal muscles are stretched out and weakened. Often times these muscles are even torn and detached making it ridiculously challenging to achieve a tight stomach and impossible to have abs or a tight abdomen. For this reason, the mommy makeover typically incorporates a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty for the medically inclined.

During a tummy tuck, the surgeon begins by stitching back together any torn abdominal muscles that were damaged during pregnancy. Muscles that are loose and weak are also tightened to help create a firmer midsection. Once the abdominal muscles are repaired, the surgeon then trims away any excess skin at the bottom of the stomach, effectively “tucking in the tummy”.

Tummy tuck during a mommy makeover

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have permanent scarring?

After a mommy makeover, you will have some scarring. How noticeable and permanent the scarring, depends on the procedures you have, the extent of the procedures, and how you care for your incisions after surgery. Liposuction usually leaves very light scarring which often becomes undetectable with time. A tummy tuck will leave permanent scarring which can be made almost undetectable with the proper care. A tummy tuck will leave a verticle scar down your abdomen, from the belly button down. If a mini tummy tuck is all that’s required, you may only be left with a light horizontal scar along the front of your waist.

Breast reductions and extensive breast lifts will also leave scarring, around the areola. Breast augmentation, on the other hand, has developed newer techniques will allow surgeons to avoid noticeable scarring, and so has the tummy tuck if your condition qualifies for them. Your surgeon will do their best to minimize the amount and size of incisions created in order to lessen the chances of long term scarring. There are also certain protocols which your surgeon will recommend in order to care for your scars including skin care products which may help and tips such as avoiding direct sunlight to your scars in the months following surgery.

When can I be a candidate for a mommy makeover?

The American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) recommends waiting at least six to seven months after having a child before applying for a mommy makeover consultation. If you go in any earlier, the plastic surgeon will likely refuse to operate until getting additional rest and recovery so that your abdominal muscles are able to heal quickly after surgery.

Contrary to common opinion, having a Michigan mommy makeover will not whip you back into form a month after you give birth and trying to do so will lead to an increased risk of encountering a complication. Becoming pregnant, having a child, and breastfeeding release an abundant amount of hormones into the body and cause a lot of stress on the body as well. It is important that after having a child, you get the proper rest and recovery needed for your body to heal.

How long is the recovery from a mommy makeover?

Most women return to work within 2 weeks. Your recovery experience depends on the procedures included in your treatment. The recovery for a tummy tuck is comparable to that of other plastic surgeries in that you will have to take at least 2 weeks off work and motherly duties. You will have to go in for a few draining sessions to prevent inflammation, unless your surgeon decides that the no-drain tummy tuck is the best option for you. The recovery for most breast surgeries has a similar time frame and they will require you to wear a support bra to prevent inflammation and bruising.

Regardless of the procedures involved in your treatment, you will have to prepare for a few weeks of rest. The night immediately after your surgery may be challenging so it’s important to have someone with you who can provide physical and emotional support. You should also ensure that you have someone ready to help you with your kids as you do not want to be doing chores and undergoing the stress of taking care of a child in the days following your surgery.

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