Preparing for your rhinoplasty procedure in Michigan

Preparing for your rhinoplasty procedure in Michigan

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure, but that does not mean it should be taken lightly. Anyone who decides to have a rhinoplasty should follow a series of steps in the days and weeks prior to surgery to minimize their rhino recovery time and maximize their results. The information on preparing for your rhinoplasty procedure that follows is a very useful but general guide. All Michigan rhinoplasty patients should consult with their surgeon for more details, as your personal case may be unique.

Consult with a plastic surgeon

Consult with a plastic surgeonThe most important step before surgery is the consultation with your Michigan plastic surgeon, since it is essential that you establish realistic expectations and decide on clear objectives for the surgery. It is normal to be a bit shy when discussing your appearance, but it is very important that you are open and honest about your thoughts and goals because everyone wants something different and even the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Michigan cannot read your mind. Based on this consultation, the surgeon will examine your nose carefully and explain the procedure and what he will do to achieve the goals you have laid out.

Sometimes the surgeon will take photographs to make a 3D model of your face and digitally represent the possible results of your rhinoplasty. In addition, the surgeon will use these photos to make comparisons between your current nose and your desired nose. All this, coupled with a detailed analysis of your medical history, will help determine if you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty.

In addition, the consultation is a good opportunity to learn more about the references and professional history of your surgeon. Take this opportunity to get to know the facilities of the clinic, the surgeon and the staff to whom you will entrust your dreams of obtaining a new nose.

The weeks before rhinoplasty

The weeks prior to rhinoplasty should be devoted to leaving everything in order and ready so that problems do not arise when the big day comes. During this time avoid taking aspirin or any other anticoagulant since they can cause excessive blood loss during and after the surgery. In addition, vitamin supplements should be taken to stimulate healing; Multivitamin complexes with iron and vitamins C and E are especially recommended. These also apply to non-surgical nose jobs.

Minor illnesses such as colds are not dangerous in themselves, but they can cause complications in this type of surgery. In case of contracting a disease of this type, you must inform your surgeon about any sickness that comes up. Finally, make sure you have everything you need available for your rhinoplasty recovery and are free of unenforceable obligations during that period. It is advisable to take care of such things before undergoing surgery.

The day before rhinoplasty surgery

The day before rhinoplasty surgeryThis day presents your last chance to get everything ready before your surgery. To minimize inflammation after rhinoplasty, buy items that can be used as cold compresses, such as ice packs and gauze pads. Some surgeons also recommend taking Arnica Montana, which is an herbal supplement that helps reduce inflammation and bruising. You should also have a supply of light, easy-to-digest foods, such as juices, soups, and crackers to eat after the operation.

The night before surgery, wash your face thoroughly with an antibacterial solution to destroy any germs on the skin that could cause infections. Do not eat after midnight, as you may have nausea once the surgery is finished. Finally, try to sleep well the night before surgery, so you can feel well rested to face the challenge that awaits you.

The day of rhinoplasty surgery

The surgery day begins with a continuation of the preparations from the previous night. Again, you should wash your face thoroughly with an antibacterial solution to remove any bacteria, and do not eat anything until after surgery. Do not use any cosmetic products or hair products before surgery. Wear loose clothing to be comfortable and allow the medical team easy access to all parts of your body. Stay as relaxed as possible and be sure to arrive on time at the clinic or hospital where the rhinoplasty Michigan will be performed.

Preparations for transport and postoperative care

It is very important to have a reliable friend to help you through the rhinoplasty recovery process. You will need someone to take you to your Michigan plastic surgery clinic and pick you up after the surgery, since you will not be able to drive safely immediately after surgery. Having someone in your home (preferably someone who can drive in the event of an emergency) will allow you to meet your needs as they arise in the days after rhinoplasty. It is very likely that you have to stay in bed during this time and that you can not take care of household chores; therefore, make sure that the people who care for you are attentive, considerate and responsible. (Read more articles like these on our rhinoplasty & nose reshaping blog)

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