Tips For Preventing Hair Loss in Michigan

Tips For Preventing Hair Loss in Michigan

Androgenetic alopecia or common baldness is a physiological condition that many men and some women suffer from. It is possibly related to the presence of some metabolites of testosterone in the cells of the follicle as well as genetic factors. It is also caused by the simultaneous action of other factors, such as a nutritional alteration, nervous or vascular problems, etc. Within the complexity that the mechanisms of androgenic alopecia represent, the role played by dihydrotestosterone, which is a metabolite of testosterone and that appears due to the action of the enzyme 5-alfarreductase, is considered decisive.

This type of alopecia usually begins at puberty with sexual hatching and lasts until the fifth decade of life. Although all males produce androgens, the fact that some develop androgenic alopecia and others do not depends on genetic factors. Other factors such as stress can also accelerate the process of hair loss in men. This condition is less frequent in blacks, Asians and Native Americans than it is white and European men. The prevalence of pattern baldness in women is difficult to establish, since it is more often disguised or confused with other types of alopecia.

Because hair loss is a condition that affects a large part of the population older than 50 years of age, multiple studies have focused on the development of therapeutic measures to try to improve hair growth. Surgical procedures are very effective, however, being invasive they are frequently used in cases in which the most conservative treatments have failed. There are several drugs on the market that are useful for treating hair loss, but many people find it uncomfortable to depend on daily pills and fear their possible side effects. Generally, men want to use simpler and less invasive methods, so they choose to start with shampoos as the first option to prevent or stop hair loss and avoid having to undergo a Michigan hair transplant procedure.

Can shampooing promote hair growth?

There are many theories that explain hair loss, however, they all converge on the actions exerted by our genetic load and hormones such as testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The shampoos used to prevent hair loss use several ingredients designed to suppress these hormones. The most used compounds are:


Ketoconazole is one of the most used components in shampoos made to treat hair loss, ketoconazole is a compound with antifungal actions that also has antiandrogenic properties that can prevent hair loss. In addition, ketoconazole also has anti-inflammatory properties that help maintain a healthy and fat-free scalp.


Biotin, also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7, is a type of vitamin B complex that is essential in the production of energy and the metabolism of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Biotin helps hair grow healthy and prevents hair from drying out. In addition, biotin helps strengthen hair. Its action in hair strengthening is determined by its function in the synthesis of fatty acids and amino acids necessary to produce keratin, which is a component mainly of hair.


It has been proven in many scientific studies that caffeine has the ability to attenuate the effects of testosterone and DHT on the scalp. The data suggests that topical application of caffeine on the scalp is much more effective, which makes shampoos an excellent way to use it.

Saw Palmetto

For many years, saw palmetto has been used to treat hair loss. Its beneficial effects are due to the blockade of 5-alpha-reductase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to DHT.

Choosing the best shampoo for hair health.

It is always advisable to go to your dermatologist or Michigan hair transplant specialist first before starting any treatments on your scalp. An experienced professional will help you identify what your hair really needs to stay healthy. An important tip is to not wait until it’s too late to start treatment.

It is of great importance to maintain realistic expectations because while shampoos are useful to eliminate debris that increases scalp inflammation and prevents hair growth, they are not able to change the real biology of your hair growth or effect your genetic predispositions. 

Some of the things you should do when shopping for shampoos are:

  1. Check the ingredients

Before purchasing any shampoo you should check its components, the ingredients mentioned above have the greatest benefit according to scientific research and should be on the top of the ingredients list. Other ingredients that may also be useful in the treatment of hair loss are niacin, argan oil, or tea tree oil.

  1. Read reviews online

It is advisable to use products that have years in the market and that have broad recommendations by users and doctors. A shampoo that is commonly recommended by doctors and Michigan hair transplant specialists is definitely preferred. 

  1. Be patient

Remember that hair growth is slow. Shampoo generally takes several months to take effect. Do not despair; give the product the necessary time to act.


Hair Transplantation as a last resort.

As stated above, shampoos are great but unfortunately they cannot prevent hair loss if its hereditary. If you eat healthy, exercise frequently, use the proper shampoos, and are still experiencing hair loss than unfortunately a hair transplant procedure is the only treatment that is guaranteed to help. But fear not, as thanks to advancements in technology, Michigan hair transplant surgeons can make a hair transplant safe, effective, and nearly painless in most cases.

Modern hair transplant procedures utilize a technique known as Follicular Unit Extraction as apposed to the traditional strip harvesting technique with has grown to be notorious among men for its unnatural looking patterns and permanent scars. FUE hair transplant leave your hair looking very natural and the scars they leave are nearly undetectable. 

If you are looking to undergo a hair transplant procedure make sure you contact SurgeonGate to ensure you are placed with a leading hair transplant surgeon that has years of experience and is highly trained in their craft. SurgeonGate works with the top Michigan hair transplant surgeons in the country and can quickly connect you with the best of the best. 

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