Your Hair Transplant Questions Answered

Your Hair Transplant Questions Answered

Your Hair Transplant Questions Answered


Is a hair transplant good for me?

There are lots of methods you can use to grow your hair back. The problem is that a lot of those methods promise quite a lot and they lack on the delivery aspect. Which is why a lot of people believe that the best Michigan hair restoration comes from surgery. This way you know that the hair transplant gives all the benefits you want fast and you have guaranteed results. Usually it’s super hard to get guaranteed results from anything nowadays, and you can imagine why a lot of people opt for the hair transplant. But yes, the hair transplant is a very good option for you and it’s the fastest way to eliminate baldness from your life.


Is a hair transplant expensive?

That depends on what type of Michigan hair transplant you want to get. The Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant for example can be up to $4850 or more. The prices do tend to vary based on the health of that person, the amount of hair that needs to be transplanted and so on. However, you can expect to pay roughly that amount and sometimes even a bit more than that, depending on the situation.


Can I choose any surgeon?

Ideally you want to opt for a professional Michigan hair restoration surgeon. This way you will know that there are no side effects and problems. Sure, it’s always hard to find the best surgeon out there, but for the most part it’s important to find a board certified surgeon at all times. A surgeon with great credentials and lots of positive reviews should always be the best option you can focus on. After all, you are placing your life and wellbeing in the hands of that surgeon. Which is why you need to trust him that he will do a very good job for you.


Is there any way I can prepare for this?

The first thing you want to do is to schedule the Michigan hair transplant. Some surgeons are very hard to get due to their busy schedules, so scheduling the procedure early on is a very good idea. Once you have the appointment ready to go, there’s not a lot you can do. If you’re not bald and you still need a hair transplant to cover various areas, it may be a good idea to get a haircut prior to the surgery. Taking some time off work is a nice idea too. But that’s about all you need to do. There’s no special preparation that you have to tackle here, so try to keep that in mind if you can.


How much time will the hair transplant take?

As you can imagine, the hair transplant and/or hair restoration process can be very long at times. But for the most part the hair transplant process tends to take several hours. Most patients tend to sleep during this procedure, which is maybe the best approach you can have in this regard. The length of each procedure differs based on how many grafts are requested and what technology is used for the transplant itself.


Will it take a lot of time to recover?

A lot of people are scared to opt for a Michigan hair transplant because they believe it will take several weeks for the recovery process. Most of the time the hair transplant will just need you to take a few days off work. It’s nothing too complicated, instead it will just give you all the benefits you want without any of the hassle and struggle that can appear from a situation like this. Some people can recover within a day. Yet despite all of that it’s still recommended to take the necessary amount of time just to avoid any issues. You never know how much the recovery process will take in the first place, so you might as well want to adapt based on your needs.


Will the results be exactly as I expect?

That depends on what you expect, obviously. But for the most part results will be quite impressive and amazing. You just have to realize that the results will differ from one person to the other. For some people the results are extremely good, in the case of others they may need more than a single hair transplant. Yet you can still see some improvement either way. So it will work quite nicely as long as you hire the right surgeon.


Are there side effects?

Only 1% of all patients may deal with some sort of infection, but this rarely happens. And even if it does, the surgeon will offer you a treatment to deal with it. Some of the other side effects you may encounter include scalp numbness, ingrown hairs, pain and swelling. But these are normal considering that you are dealing with a surgery, after all.


Will people notice any scars?

If you work with a true professional and a reliable Michigan hair transplant surgeon, you should never have to worry about this. But that means you have to do your homework and to find the best possible surgeon in this regard. It’s definitely not going to be easy to achieve that result, but the outcome can be pretty impressive in the end.


Are the results permanent?

The hair follicles are genetically resistant against baldness. And they will grow in time. So in theory for most people the results will be permanent. In case some sort of issue appears, you do need to talk with your surgeon right away. He may be able to provide you with a treatment that takes care of this.


Can I lose hair in other areas?

Of course, the hair transplant won’t stop any hair loss. It will just give you the ability to have hair where you want. However, if you have any health issues that lead to hair loss, they will not be stopped by the hair transplant. It’s still important to talk with an expert that may be able to help you! Contact SurgeonGate today to find a leading hair transplant specialist or even a Michigan Rhinoplasty surgeon in your city!

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